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Are you tired from link building to get blog traffic?

You spent hours an hours to write a blog post to your website. I know, You are expert in writing, You write beautiful and attractive content for you blog post. But the thing is you are facing problem is that Website traffic, Am I right?

When you don’t get traffic on your blog post, After spending hours. How you feel?

I can understand. Feels like demotivated. After that you don’t want to write content as beautiful as you use to write in past. But in my next post I will share you Top 15 websites, Where you can Promote your new blog post For quick traffic.

Just you have to do one thing. There are some things, Which you have to cover while writing blog content. That also I will share with you in this post. After publishing new blog post, Just Submit URL in that 15 website, Which I am gonna share with you here.

First of all, Let me ask you that how you write a blog content?

I mean, Do you use to keyword research before writing blog post? If yes, Then that’s perfect but how you utilize that keywords in content? Are you confused? Stay here and start writing SEO friendly content not like essay.

Keyword research is most important thing in SEO to get huge organic traffic and to promote your new blog post. There are many tools available for research keywords, I recommend you to go for Adwords keyword planner. There you just have to write your targeted keyword. Keyword planner will show you multiple keyword ideas. Just collect keywords, According to competition and search volume.

If you use Google chrome, Then you can download “Keywords everywhere” extension to find out extra keywords. With the help of that extension you will get to know keywords search volume and competition while searching something in Google. Don’t be confused. Just look at the image.

goole search box

Now, You have finished Keyword research, Now it’s time to utilize that keyword in Content. If you are perfect in content writing then you should know, How to utilize keywords in Content.

I want to share with you some secrets, Do you know “Content is a king but Backlinks are Queen”.

So, Come to the point. First of all get all information about your content topic. For example, You are writing content on “Make Money Online” Then just find all information about that niche like Which kind of keyword is getting more traffic, On which social platforms getting more share. For that you can use one tool called Buzzsumo.


Now, You got idea that Which type of title you should use and on which social platforms, people are sharing that content. You have to focus on attractive title, So you will get high CTR (click through rate).

For example, “Make money online” is your targeted keyword, Then just start your title with main keyword. After that just make short URL (techworldclass.com/make-money-online).

If you have website on WordPress then you can use Yoast SEO plugin to track your SEO status. With the help of that plugin, You will get to know, your content’s weakness and feedback. Yoast SEO plugin will guide you to write SEO friendly content and readable content. Let me show you screen shot !

yoast seo 1 yoast seo 2

May be, You guys are thinking like Why I am talking with Content writing strategy? Right !

Look, If you will not write content in a proper way, Then how you can gain traffic on your website? Just imagine, Your content is not attractive, But you have build number of backlinks. What is the use of that backlinks. Ok, You ranked your blog, But no one is spending time on your blog. So, Your websites Bounce rate may increase.

So, I think you guys understand that What is important of SEO friendly content. Now it’s time to learn Content format. First of all I will share you all points here then will go with one by one.

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  • Blog URL Ideas
  • Blog Title and Description Ideas
  • Blog header tags and Bold tags
  • Blog image Alt tag
  • Anchor tag
  • Inbound link
  • Outbound link
  • Keyword density
  • How to use Keywords in Your blog post
  • Some important point

Blog URL ideas

Blog URL is most important thing in Content writing. There some points which you need to keep in mind always. Just use main keyword in URL. Never use log URL, Try to make it short. According to Neil Patel case study, Google recognize easily, If you have main short keyword in your URL. Let me show you example. Because If you see my another pages there also I use Short and targeted keyword in my blog URL. Short URL make it easy to Promote your new blog post on any platform.

blog url ideas

Blog Title and Description Ideas

Now we are coming towards content slowly, Here will see and get some Idea about Blog title tag and description. Do you have any idea, How Title and Description play main role to get rank in Google. After searching keyword in Google, Just look at results and their highlight words. OK, Let me show you. You have to mention targeted Keyword in Title tag and Meta description. As well as maintain keyword density up to 2% in content. For example, You are planning to write content of 1000 words then just add targeted keyword 4-5 times.

Blog Title and Description Ideas

Blog header tags and Bold tags

How many of you use header tags and bold tags in blog post. I will share some Blog writing examples and formats with you. But here let me explain you all the things which come in under while writing SEO blog post.

You can use main keyword and long tail keywords in header tags. Otherwise you can also use unique 4-5 word sentence with main keyword in header tags.

Just start your article with Header 1 tag and mention main keyword. Then if you have subheading and point in your blog then, You can use it as Header 2, Header 3, Header 4 or Header 5 tags. That depend upon your content length and format.

Now let’s move on Bold tags. I already shared that How to find keywords. If you have mentioned 10-15 keywords in your 3000 word article then you can use bold tags for that keywords. Like this (Make Money Online).

Because of highlighting the keyword, Google will understand about your niche and your blog post category.

Blog image Alt tag

Do you know that, Google can not read images.

Well, Now How we can rank images in Google image search engine?

Don’t be confused, Just read this article carefully.

While writing article, You upload images in your post, Right!

Now just you have to set Image name (Image Alt tag) by going on image property. If you are writing article on blogspot then just click on images and then go to properties and give name (targeted keyword) to that image.

If you are on WordPress, Then just click on edit image. There you can provide image Alt tag and also URL manually. That will help to rank your images in search engine. So, Are you getting that How to Write a Blog Post in 2018.

In caption you can write about image in just 5-6 words. Image name (Main keyword) will comes in under Alternative text and Image title Attribute. Maintain size from size section and Make custom URL with targeted keyword.

Image alt tag

Anchor tag

Inbound links and Outbound links are comes in under Anchor tag.

First we will discuss about Inbound link strategy. Look, I like to explain with an example. I think, People better understand with example.

inbound link

For example, You have written superb blog post about SEO. But in that post you have mentioned some points about Make money online. Then you can provide you “Make Money Online” post link in your “SEO” post. Which means you are creating internal linking juice in your website or blog. That will help you to reduce bounce rate and also people will spend more time on your website.

Now let’s move on Outbound link strategy, What is Outbound link in SEO?

Outbound link means that you are giving other websites link in your blog post. Outbound link also called external link. In this image I have marked in Red color, That is outbound link is going on Google Adsense official website.

outbound link

For example, You have written article about “Android”. In that article, You have talked about some mobile brands. In that case you can provide that mobile brands official website’s link in your “Android” blog post. It will also help you more to rank your website in search engine. That was how to write awesome blog post.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is most important thing while writing blog. In simple language keyword density should be 3-3.5 percent.

If you are planning to write 1000 word article then you should mention main keyword for 3-4 times. Don’t use all keywords in one paragraph.

You can divide keywords according to article length.

There are many guys, Who do keyword stuffing in their article. That’s totally wrong. keyword density

How to use Keywords in Your blog post

It’s time to use keywords in your blog post. It’s pretty simple !

Let’s imagine that, You have done keyword research. Now you have number of keywords. How you will use keywords in blog post or article?

Just maintain one excel sheet, There create 2-3 sessions to divide main keywords, Header keywords, Bold keywords, Long tail keyword.

Once you have done, Just keep 3-3.5 percent density for main keyword according to Article length. Use some keywords in header tag with main keyword at least once. After that you can create number of header tags according to your article length. We have already talked about bold keywords. Now it’s time to main Long tail keywords.

For example, You have 10-15 long tail keywords. Just add that keywords in whole article (Don’t repeat same keyword). If you have new website then it will help you to get rank in google with long tail keyword.

Long tail keywords carried high search volume but low competition. That will be beneficial for you. Just write a blog well optimized keyword, without keyword stuffing.

Conclusion / Some important point

Always keep in mind that Content is a king but backlinks are queen.

Ask questions while writing a blog post. You know what, Which kind of results Google shows in Featured snippet? Absolutely, Questions and answers. If you ask questions in blog then users will share their opinion with you. And you will get more engagement. That is how you can write perfect SEO blog post.

Don’t forget to add call to action part in your Article. First you should know that, Why you wrote blog post? What is the reason behind of that? Then only you can manage call to action session in your blog post.

Many famous blogger says that, If you want to rank in Google then spend your 20% of time in writing article and 80% of time in marketing and promotion.

Just try this Content Marketing strategy to write SEO friendly blog. If you have any queries or question then let me in know in comment box or you can send me mail.

Comment here your opinion, Even If you found something wrong.

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