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what is E-Learning

What is E-Learning?

E-Learning is the shortened form of Electronic Learning. Here we are going to discuss about what is E-Learning? It means imparting and absorbing knowledge, teaching or learning with the support of and use of electronic technology. It allows individuals to take courses online using electronic devices such as a computer, tablet and even a smartphone. With e-learning, user can take course from all around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. E-learning is a proven and effective way to educate individuals of all ages and education levels, while continuously tracking their participation and assessment, all at a small fraction of the cost of tradition learning methods. Continuous developments in technology and the use of learning tools are making a huge impact on learners in every age group, for achieving a more effective delivery of knowledge in the fields of education and training. To sum it up, e-learning is the use of communication and information technologies to exponentially expand access to education and effectively transform and enhance user education and employee training.

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Information about E-Learning

Extensive studies prove that the combined use of multimedia applications to deliver well-planned learning content dramatically improves the learner’s participation and learning retention. This has lead the massive expansion of the e-learning industry. E-learning methods can also help instructors and trainers create consistent and standardized forms of delivering training and learning content. By automating the clerical work of checking quizzes and exams, the teachers save a great deal of time to do other tasks. For medium and large organizations, an e-learning system can be a more cost-effective way to deliver training content compared to classroom-based training. Training costs have traditionally been very high due to payments of the trainer’s fees. Adding to this list of expenses are the travel costs, accommodation and cost of learning materials. E-learning greatly reduces these expenses by providing the employees with re-usable learning and training packages during their down time and their own pace.Companies can add the course to their Learning Management Systems for providing real-time assessment metrics and reporting. There are many eLearning content development companies in Mumbai. Interactive Realities is a leading e-learning technology and content creation company which specializes in conceptualizing and executing large e-learning projects from education and training.

E-Learning – Advantages and Disadvantages

The world is constantly changing, and individuals are receiving their communication through electronic devices. E-Learning solutions in education has many advantages over traditional learning. E-learning reduces the cost of publishing paper-based training material, eliminates teacher salary costs and significantly lowers operational and administrative expenses. E-learning courses can be updated swiftly so that there is no gap between sessions and the learners have a smooth experience. With the power of customized ‘my e-learning’ programmes, e-learning, institutes allow the users to learn at their own pace and present them with an engaging fusion of audio, video, interactive games and innovative learning techniques. E-learning reduces learning time between 30% to 40%. The e-learning content is easily accessible for the learner 24/7 and on any web enables device. According to experimental studies, information stimulated through e-learning processes leads to 20% more retention as compared to traditional learning. E-learning is compatible with learning from anywhere – the learner’s home, workplace, home, during commuting etc. While e-learning comes with a host of unmatched advantages, it does have a few disadvantages. Some students need a face-to-face environment for absorbing learning concepts and prefer being physically connected with the trainer or teacher and other students or colleagues. E-learning does not contribute in developing the learner’s social skills such as asking questions or giving instant replies and leaves the learner helpless if he or she wishes to clarify some doubts in the course in real-time. In some aspects e-learning can never replace traditional learning.

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