What is Blog and Why it should be popular?


What is Blog?

Blog Writing, is an art of expressing. It opens up the door to the wildest of Imaginations all at the expense of your creativity. Writing enables us to think outside the box, it molds us, sharpen our skills and Increase the ability of ours to think without boundaries. Writing and publishing them to the public has never been easier before the introduction of blogs. Blogs are micro sites opened with a particular name by an Individual with the purpose of sharing news, contents, stories or even their Imaginations. There are lots of professional bloggers out there in the World of Internet sharing some mind-blowing thoughts and news.


How To Choose the Best Blog

Educational blogs are one of the most useful among them. Blogs are created in the name of Universities to share latest happenings, exam tips, previous question papers etc. Let’s take an example of Lovely Professional University Jalandhar. When we search for LPU in google we can see a couple of blogs where we can observe that all serves the purpose of sharing the necessary to the needy. Such blogs may not be the most professional ones but they do the job. Many students find it useful because it contains all the extra and relevant information required for a student to successfully complete their degrees. So it can be clearly observed that blogging is something that will never get old and run out of viewers.

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There is official blog in the name of universities like Lovely Professional University Jalandhar and others which act as a virtual magazine allowing exceptional writers among faculty and students to publish their works. Finding a particular Information from the vast contents of an official Website is like finding a needle from haystack. But as Iron Man Said in The Avengers “It’s easy bring a magnet towards it”.  Blogs Literally acts as a magnet, a micro site which contains specific details which are easy to find and less time consuming. Imagine you have to search about Manipal University fees structure for B. Tech Biotechnology or BBA or MBA or even Diploma in any specific branch, then we understand that it’s quite a tedious task to find it out this Information from their official websites containing tons of Information regarding the whole university, their courses etc. Instead we just open up google and search them, and yes numerous links are shown on the search page there with this specific content to find out the exact and accurate Information we want on the Manipal University fees and how easy our life has become with the help of Blogs.

How to Blogging

There is various platform to begin with blogging and the Top 10 free Blog sites for personal blogging are WordPress, BlogSpot, Live journal, Moveable Type, Tumblr, Edu blogs, Blog, Tblog, Blogsome. Among all these WordPress and BlogSpot stands as the most favourite among the amateur users. Blogs can be made for a specific purpose of sharing specific knowledge or it can be for sharing different contents. Professional Bloggers club their blogs with Monetizing programs like Google AdSense which fetch them some fair amount of revenue for allowing google to publish ads on their Blogs.

Blogs opens up vast opportunities to connect to the World and It also showed us how to earn an Income with being curious and creative. Make sure these opportunities are explored, sharing is not only caring but also learning. Share, Learn and Earn.


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