Top 5 Ways to Add Dribbble to WordPress

Dribbble to wordpress

Designers are well aware of Dribbble. It serves as a platform precisely for web designers and graphic designers to share whatever they work on.

It is possible to add Dribbble to WordPress which allows you to showcase your skills to your users without having to move from your home page! The invite-only service will work only once you have been invited by someone to share your work. Otherwise, it is not possible for uploading anything. Once you are a part of this amazing community, you will benefit a lot.

Interestingly, there is no official Dribbble plugin for WordPress. Native WP support is also not available. However, there are a number of plugins you can use to be able to connect your Dribbble account. Many of these are especially made for Dribbble. Others are general plugins that also integrate smoothly.

1. WordPress Social Stream

WordPress Social Stream

Quite a neat option, this plugin will help you add Dribbble to WordPress without any difficulty. In case, you wish to use Dribbble content on your site as a full portfolio, this comes as the best option for you. WordPress Social Stream will not simply toss a slider or box somewhere arbitrary. In fact, it will turn your WP install into a board similar to Pinterest with cards from any social media site you prefer including Dribbble. The only disadvantage here is that it is a premium plugin. You need to shell out around $21 bucks to add Dribbble to WordPress.

2. Bean Dribbble

Bean Dribbble

The free plugin is quite beneficial. You simply require adding email address to receive the download. As soon as you install, Bean Dribbble gets connected to Dribbble through their application API. This is quite similar to the WordPress Social Stream which means you can easily integrate it as a fully realized page on your website. It gets directly generated from your Dribbble shots. Another choice is to add it as a footer widget/sidebar in the Appearance -> Widgets area present in the WP dashboard. This makes BeanDribble quite a flexible plugin. The best part is that it comes free and you can experiment with it.

3. Embedly


A premium service, you can also get free plan. It requires only a few lines of code which you can embed into your website on any page. The straightforward service will just ask you to take the URL of Dribbble shot and then paste it into the Embedly field. Thereafter, it will generate code for you. A little customization will let you finally add Dribbble to WordPress. If you need any assist so feel free to contact here:

4. SlideDeck


Available for free, this is a fun slider you must try out. This plugin will pull content from external sources and then displays it in varied interesting ways on your website. It promises everything from lenses, transitions and everything else you would expect from an advanced slider plugin.

SlideDeck is designed specifically to pull from external sources. Hence, it comes with built-in Dribbble support. You don’t have to get into any hassles of resizing the entire work or anything else. Simply SlideDeck to pull from the Dribbble account and you’ll be sliding in style. This will make your clients swoon over your work. They will come running to you and want you to design for them.

5. WPShotsDojo


Although an overlooked piece of software, WPShotsDojo works on shortcodes which are easily customizable. It will also offer hover effects which are incredible for ensuring professionalism for a website and enhancing its overall quality. It is a very high quality plugin and works well with Dribbble just the way you want to. It is priced at $18.


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