How SMS Marketing helped me to increase my sales

increase my sales

Do you know that according to survey, We check our phone average 85 times per day, isn’t it unbelievable?

Now you can think that what will be the open rate of SMS?

It’s OK let me share you impressive figure of SMS open rate is 83%.

According to another survey, 80% of youngsters first check their phones when they wake up.

What I mean to say is, People keep their phone all the time with them. In this era everyone has smartphone or basic phone. 60-70% people always check their phone in every 40 min.

I agree, Every smartphone users have Gmail account in their phone. But the open rate of email is 24% only.

There are many ways, you can reach in to consumers pocket. Like, A2P Messaging, Optimize paid ads for mobile users etc.

In this article I am gonna share my real experience with SMS Marketing that helped me more to increase my ROI.

Have you ever notice one thing that emails can stay unread for days, You can see long list of missed calls but in term of SMS, almost all users read their messages immediately after receiving.

What is SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing Campaign is a type of marketing where you can interact with customers via text. It is looks like email marketing but SMS marketing is the easiest and fastest way to reach in to customers pocket.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

#1. SMS Marketing is trackable : There are may Bulk SMS Service providers available in market.

You will get analytic report in detailed like who opened your SMS, on which link they clicked and who ignored the message etc.

#2. Quick call to action : You will get quick response from customer. They will give you quick feedback by clicking on link or reply.

In this case, Make sure that you have to create mobile friendly landing page.

#3. Immediate Result : You will get instant delivery, Just you have to set the campaign and just click on send button. Within a minute you will get hundreds of clicks.

SMS Marketing Benefits

#1. Send Coupon : Start giving coupons to users (specially non-subscribers) on every event or on festival or on their birthdays.

You will have to make mobile friendly landing page, Where users should land within second. ( How to Improve website speed )

So, with this method you will get new subscribers and also sales will be increase.

#2. Create Poll : There are many occasions, where you can run poll campaign via text messaging.

Now the main question is, How you can create poll? I mean, How you can make users engaged with your campaign?

There are two things, You can ask multiple choice question. Then, users can reply with their answers or you can provide link with caption like “click here to submit your answer”.

How to create your first SMS Marketing Campaign

If you are ready to reach in millions of people’s pocket, Then you can sign up for Textedu. You can also use try version for 28 days.

Here I will show you, How you can run your first SMS campaign with full of analytic report (As I mentioned above about analytic report).

textedu sign up

They have multiple plans to upgrade you campaign. If you are beginner and you just want to try then you can go for try version.

Apart from that, They also have basic and business plans, Where you will get extra benefits. You can see in below image.

textedu pricing
Textedu Pricing

That’s pretty good, Right? You will get 500 page visits (500 link clicks). Hosting for 1 page and more. For more information about trial version, You can contact them.

After creating account, You will get some bucks at free of cost to start the campaign.

Now let’s create a campaign. Just go to utility and then click on Add campaign. Now just give campaign name and description.

textedu campaign

Your campaign is almost ready, Now you just have to give “Message” and “Contact list”.

For that just click on Texdedu menu and select Campaign. There you can provide your message and upload contact list.

If you want to schedule the campaign, That also you can do. Then just click on send button. Boom, You are ready to go.


You can this strategy for every business. Now the main question is, How you can generate leads to run this campaign?

So, There are many ways, Like you create Facebook lead generation campaign for contact numbers, You can use your subscribers contact number, Offer them informational PDF in the exchange of mobile number etc.


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