Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: What’s the difference?

You are reading this Article, That means You are ready to launch new website. But you are confused about hosting, here we will discuss about Key Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. That doesn’t matter what is the reason behind of making website. May be you are running some business or you are a blogger. Do you know, What you will sell or Which kind of service you will provide through website. Have you set your target?

So, Everything is set, Now just you have to enter in market with new website. For that it’s important to know that, What is shared hosting? and What is dedicated hosting? Which one will be right for your business? First of all, You will have to understand, What is different between Shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: What's the difference?

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is “Web hosting” in which the service provider serves pages for multiple Web sites, Let me give one example. Have you ever stay in hostel? There 3-4 guys stay in one room. Same you can apply on shared hosting definition. There also in one server multiple sites hosted with your website. It has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look on that.

In my opinion, If you don’t have that much of traffic, Then shared hosting is enough for you. You can go to bluehost.

The Advantages

Shared hosting is the less expensive option. In that you have to share your server with other websites. I think, you got my point that Why it is less expensive? Because the servers total cost is distributed from all members. How much cost you are paying, same costs are paying other website owner.

Another plus point is that, No need any technical knowledge if you bought hosting from reputed hosting provider sites, like bluehost. Which means, If you face any kind of maintenance or service related issues then hosting provider company will provide you complete help. So, after making website you will not fall down on your face, event if you don’t have technical knowledge.

The Disadvantages

There are two sides of every coin. If something has advantages, then that doesn’t mean you will not focus on disadvantages. Now let’s have a look on Disadvantages of Shared hosting.

The biggest disadvantage is bandwidth, Because you are sharing your server with multiple websites. If you large number of traffic, then your server will go down and your website can be crashed. One server can’t handle multiple websites heavy traffic. That’s why, Bandwidth is a biggest problem in shared hosting plan.

There are many loses,If you are staying in shared server. Let me explain you, Your site can be hacked any time, What I mean is, In shared server your are sharing your server with multiple website. In that case, It is difficult to say that, My website is safe”. You can face threats issue and all here. You can apply that “Hostel” example here also ;).

If you want to do simply blogging, then you will not face that much of threats and cyber security issues. But if you are carrying eCommerce website then you can face security related issues. Because transactions are happening on your site so possibility came more to face threats and security issues. Because we already discuss that in shared hosting, You have to share space with multiple websites. You can’t be safe there, If you have transaction feature on your website.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is defined by TechTarget as “the rental and exclusive use of a computer that includes a web server, related software and connection to the Internet, housed in the web hosting company’s premises.” In layman’s terms, with this type of plan, your website will be the only one hosted on its server.

Let’s have a look on Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated hosting.

The Advantages

Biggest Advantage of Dedicated hosting is that, If you have heavy traffic on your blog then your server never fall down or your site also. Because dedicating server provide you unlimited space and bandwidth services.

Do you know that, According to kissmetrics report, 47 percent people expect to load page within 2 seconds. Another big advantage is that here you get unlimited bandwidth and here you can transfer heavy traffic in high search volume. Unlimited bandwidth and space helps your site to load quickly.

You will be free from security issues with dedicated server. Because in your server only your site will rule like a king. It reduces attacks and threats, So your website never face any kind of cyber attack issue and it will never crack down.

The Disadvantages

As you already understand that, The biggest cons of dedicated hosting server is their expensive costs. But if you see in positive way, The whole server is in your control. You can add number of websites in that server. But if you are beginner then never go to dedicated server. Let’s take an example of Bluehost plan, between $80 and $120 per month, compared to as little as $2.75 per month for a shared plan.

You should have technical knowledge, You are dedicated hosting plan so, that does not mean ‘Everything will be perfect’. If you have big firm then you will manage everything like ‘technical issues and cost’. But if you are starter or you have small firm then Dedicated server is not right option for you.

In pros, We have talked like, You do not need to worry about security issues. But let me explain you, What you can face in dedicated server?

If you don’t have any technical knowledge, and you are getting technical issues again and again. What you will do in that case? I know, You will take help from support guys. But I am saying, If you are getting issues again and again. Then your server can stop working.

Once you got problems in your server then it will effect on your websites ranking and traffic. Because best hosting is very important in SEO. Suppose you have good traffic on your website and you have ranked most of the keywords on Google, But you got issues on your server. Just think and give me your opinion in comment box.

That’s why we always try to convince our readers that not to go with any free web hosting services any more.  You have many other platforms, where you can start your websites or blog with best hosting company like bluehost, godaddy etc.

which hosting is best?

In this Article, You have learned the difference between Shared hosting and dedicated hosting. We have discussed definition, advantages and disadvantages.

Shared hosting is best the option, If

  • You’re new to running a website.
  • You don’t plan on having a high volume of traffic (at least, not initially).
  • You lack technical knowledge and expertise.
  • You’re working with a limited budget.

Once think, You are beginner or you are thinking to start new website or recently you have started some website. But you have limited traffic on your website. In that case shared hosting server will be the best option for you. Apart from that, You will pay cheap amount.

There are many people, who creates websites for their business and all. They don’t care about traffic. So, for them shared hosting is your first and last option.

Dedicated hosting is the best option, If

  • You plan on receiving a high volume of traffic right from the beginning or in the near future
  • You want a high level of control over your server
  • You possess the technical know-how to effectively manage a server and want maximum flexibility
  • Security is a major concern
  • You have a sizable budget and don’t mind spending considerably more

If you are a mid-sized business or you are running some eCommerce websites and selling products directly from your websites. You have heavy number of traffic then Dedicated hosting is the best option for you.

As you know performance and security are more important for any kind of websites. Just now, I have given you example ! Let me continue with that example.

If you are carrying eCommerce website, If you are selling products directly from your websites then, You must have payment gateway on your site. Now tell me on thing, If someone paid you through internet banking then his/her card can save in your database. If someone hacked that information then who will be responsible for that.

If you have big firm, then technical guy will not let down to your server. Because of that your websites will perform better and it will rank properly in Google. There many advantages of Dedicated server, You can read once more, If you don’t understand.

You can host different software in either hosted or dedicated modes. For example, a popular accounting software QuickBooks Enterprise hosting can be carried in dedicated mode. There is also citrix xendesktop that is directly available in the mode you want.

Note:- After purchasing domain, If you are planning to buy paid hosting then I would like to share you something. I am saying you again again that if you are beginner then don’t go to dedicated server. For example, You are planning to purchase hosting on bluehost. There you have sign up first. Then you will find both options (shared and dedicated hosting). You have to choose your plan according to your requirements.

Don’t be confused, while purchasing hosting. There you will get 24/7 chat support. Just keep working legally. If you want to know more about some topic. Then please let me know in comment box or mail me. I will write Article based on your orders.

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