10 Best SEO Chrome Extensions – That’ll Improve SEO Ranking

SEO Chrome Extensions

If you are SEO expert then you should know about this SEO chrome extensions. There are tons of feature that make your browser popular and helping hand. The thing is if you will use your browser as helping hand then you must you this 10 Best SEO chrome extensions.

There are approx “two billion people” use actively Google Chrome browser.

Let’s have a look on, Why you should use Google chrome extension. So, answer is extension takes less space than any application or desktop software. You can easily update extensions in less time. You can use many other tools to check your websites status, But for that you need to open that website then after entering URL you can see. But here No need to go anywhere, You will get everything is here. That means, You can download many of SEO Chrome plugins to rank your website. Here in this article I have just explained about 10 SEO chrome extensions. Apart from that you can find many of plugins. Before downloading any SEO extension just read review about their performance, Then only download it.

If you are looking to boost your SEO strategy then there are number of SEO chrome extension available in market. with the help of that extensions you can boost ranking by keywords search, tracking performance and many more. There are more that 1,00,000 SEO chrome extensions are available in store. But it difficult to choose perfect and worth extension to boost SEO strategy.

So, Here we are going to share with you 10 Best SEO Chrome Extensions.

1. MozBar to find how popular your competitors are

MozBar is a Great SEO chrome extensions to find how popular your competitors are. There are two models available in MozBar chrome extension. first you can use it free of cost with less feature option and second is pro module, which is paid. With the help of MozBar chrome extension, you check DA and PA.

2. SEO Quake

SEOquake is a free SEO plugin that provides you with key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others.This is one of the best SEO chrome extension. It helps you to know about website’s Alexa rank, Google index pages, Bing index, SEM rush ranking and internal link, external link etc. SEO quake

3. Block Yourself from Analytics

Block your Google Analytics™ activity for the websites you own, no more false stats. Extension is meant for webmasters to block their own visits for their websites thus avoiding false stats. Let’s discuss briefly in simple language. For example, You are working on  SEO for some website, That time you use that website’s URL multiple times in your own browser. Because of that Google Analytics show you wrong stats about website. Which means that if you will not block yourself then google analytics will track you as a user. So this is another best chrome extension to block yourself from Google analytics.

How to use “Block Yourself from Analytics” chrome extension ?

Open extension settings, go to websites list and add all your websites to the list. You can use “example.com” or “www.example.com” for exact match OR use wildchar like “*example.com” to match example.com with all it’s subdomains. Note that if you put dot between wildchar and domain name you would only match subdomains and not your naked domain name.Block Yourself from Analytics

4. Page load time

Page load time is one of the main SEO ranking factor. You are reading this article means you already know about SEO and How page load time affect on ranking. If you have slow load time then you will be going slowly in dark. While doing SEO, You always need to check page load speed, But you can do this without opening any website. Just install this page load time SEO chrome extension and check the page load time, whenever you want. page load time SEO chrome extension

5. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one of my favorite SEO chrome extension. With the help of Keywords everywhere chrome extension, You can find your targeted keywords search volume, competitions etc. For example, You are searching something in Google search engine, At that time this extension start showing you the search volume and competition of that keywords which you are searching. After searching result in Google, It shows you more suggested keywords in down, Right. But after installing this extension you can see suggested keywords in down with Search volume and completion. If you want to get information in bulk then also you can do it here. Just copy keywords in bulk and paste it in Keywords Everywhere extension.

Keywords Everywhere SEO chrome extenion

6. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Before going forward, Let me clear you one thing. This is not a free tool. You will have pay for this Magestic backlink analyzer. So, This is another powerful SEO chrome extension. Now, you guys are thinking that, Why I called powerful. Because it’s index is larger than Moz extension. Which means that, You will get more information about competitors website here. For example, You are thinking to analyze competitors website, In that situation you would open backlink checker website then you will insert that URL and then result will come infront of you. But with the help of this plugin, You can see result in just one click. There you can see Quality and Quantity back-links of that websites. Have a look on mentioned below image.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer SEO chrome extension

7. Spark Content Optimizer

This Extension would help you to Analyze the website’s On page SEO. Let me explain you in detail. If you are a content writer or SEO expert, this tool will help you much more. For example, You are doing On page SEO of some website, That time you always open another website to check “On Page” status. Like Title, Meta description, Meta keywords etc. But in this, If you install this plugin, You can find all information related “On page SEO” immediately.  This SEO plugin will help you out to find competitors On page strategy including Title, Description, Keywords etc.

Spark Content Optimizer SEO chrome extension

8. Ninja Outreach Lite

Ninja Outreach is in itself a powerful prospecting and it has over 4 million influencers database. After installing the extension, You can see the ninja icon on chrome toolbar to start finding influencers. You can find everything about influencers, Like full name, location, social media follower counts, email address, Alexa rank, backlinks, page authority, domain authority and more. Even you can go directly thier contact, about, resources, guest post pages.

In Ninja extension, You will find RSS tab. There you can see latest posts from the feed of the blog with the author’s name, date of publishing and number of comments on the post. After RSS tab, In demographic tab you can see information about website visitors, their locations, daily page views, bounce rate and many more.

Ninja Outreach Lite SEO chrome extension

9. LinkClump

With the help of LinkClimp SEO chrome extension, You can play with links. Now you guys are thinking like, How it can happen?

For example, You have list of 10-15 websites and You want to open all website. So, In that case you have to pick single url and paste it browser Or suppose in google result you want to open multiple URL’s then you have to use right click then left click on each link. But Now you problem is solved. Because In LinkClump you can open multiple URL’s in one click. Just copy all URL’s and paste it LinkClump or In google search engine result you can crop the screen which URL’s you want to open. That’s it !

LinkClump SEO chrome plugin

10. User-Agent Switcher

You know what, Your website visitors come from multiple platforms, multiple devices and multiple operating system.

Do you know the usability of your website on other platform or other device or other OS ?

User agent switcher made your life more easier, Because with he help of this SEO plugin you can see the usability of your website. Just you will have to press one right and you can enjoy your website in ant device, operating system (OS) and web browser. That means, While doing SEO you have to take care about website’s usability on multiple platforms. So, In that situation “How can you check usability of your website without moving physically? The answer is User agent switcher. This is also one of the most powerful and useful SEO chrome extension.

User-Agent Switcher SEO chrome plugin

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