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Internet is a huge pool of knowledge where you can always get your questions, answered. But sometimes, there may be situations where you need an expertise to find your answers. Luckily, there are some sites that not only collects people views and reviews regarding a particular topic but also help in finding an expert in a concerned field. These are called as Question and Answer websites.

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Just you need to ask questions and in return you will get answer. You can ask any question in this question answer sites.

Question and Answer websites

1. Quora

Quora is one of the best and most popular free websites where you can ask questions to get high-quality answers. There’s only one page for each question so everyone’s input can be viewed in just one convenient place. As a user, you can follow particular questions asked by other users if you’re interested in seeing more answers that may be added in the future, and you can upvote or downvote anything to help the community discover the best questions and answer. Always remeber one thing, Don’t copy and paste answer here. You will never get unique followers. Always be honest in content.

2. Reddit

Reddit is a social news website and forum where content is socially curated and promoted by site members through voting. The site name is a play on the words “I read it.”

Reddit member registration is free, and it is required to use the website’s basic features.

For a monthly fee or yearly subscription, redditors can upgrade to Reddit Gold. This service provides a set of extended features not available to nonpaying users. Features of Reddit Gold include access to members-only communities and the ability to turn off sidebar ads.

3. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers, which still sees 300 million monthly users worldwide, is one of Yahoo’s better-known properties, if only because of the low-quality, sometimes frightening and sometimes hilarious answers that have been posted to its site over the years. Yahoo answers is the best online question answer platform.

4. marries the best of community-driven question and answer with hundreds of respected and trusted editorial reference books. The site knows the best answer to give you, whether it summons the expansive, ever-growing collection of community answers from Wiki Answers, or it taps into its Reference Answers database, a comprehensive set of editorial, licensed reference topics.

5. Just Answer

Quora and Yahoo Answers have their voting systems while has its confidence votes, but that doesn’t always guarantee that you’re getting qualified answers from real experts. If you’re looking for an answer to a question that only a lawyer, doctor, tech expert, mechanic or home repair worker could answer, then Just Answer is the place to be. This is a site where you can write out your full story, including all the dirty details, to backup your question. An expert will assess your situation and give you their recommended advice.

6. is a social networking website set up in a question and answer format that is very popular with teens and tween. It’s more of a casual, fun type of platform that you can use to get to know your friends better, but you can still use it for finding answers to more serious questions.

7. Blurit is an exciting online question and answer community which aims to revolutionize the way questions are answered online. Whether you need to know the answer to a burning question, or you’re bursting with knowledgeable answers and experiences you can’t wait to share, will provide you with the answers you are looking for.

8. Fluther

Another very social question and answer site is Fluther, which has only two main categories: general and social. Fluther enforces stricter guidelines in its general section to help people get the answers they came looking for when they posted their questions. The social section is reserved for more casual interaction for opinion and humor-based answers. Users can create profiles with a personal story, their questions, their responses and more to build up their reputations, and anyone can click “Great Answer” on an answer to vote for its helpfulness.

9. Answerbag

Answerbag was the second largest social question and answer site next to Yahoo! Answers. In a comparison with Yahoo Answers and MSN Live QnA, Cnet declared that Answerbag was neck and neck with Yahoo Answers. A user who had created an account can ask and answer questions, comment on answers, rate questions and answers, and suggest new categories.

10. is also another way to ask question and get answers from users. here you can ask online question to users. in my opinion is also best Question and Answer website.


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