Ping my URL – Best 30 Ping Sites to rise up indexing in 1sec

Do you know, Why your most of the post are not visible in Google search engine?
– Because your posts are not getting indexed by search engine.

Let me explain you clearly. For example, You did lot of hard-work on your website, You have build lot of insane backlinks on your targeted keywords, But then also Your website not ranking in Google. How do you feel?

Definitely you will loss your hope, You will be demotivated, feels like Your time and effort will flow in water. I can understand your pain.

That’s here I am going to talk about Ping sites. Ping my URL is one of the the useful and helpful strategy to index your post, pages and entire website in Search engine.

Now, Your time and effort will show you result. With the help of Ping sites, You can index your website in any search engine. Do you know that, How event blogging websites go rank in search in less time?

SEO expert knows very well about indexing and ranking. You know, What I do? After publishing post, I use to ping my URL. I know, There are many questions are jumping in your mind. Let them come out. I can read your mind. First of all, Let me clear your confusion about “Ping meaning”.

What is Ping Sites?

Ping sites is nothing but, It is one type of tool. Where I can ping my URL by submission. Given URL submitted to several search engines, communities, directories and some other different places.

Let’s do Ping test

Just you need to enter URL (website URL, Post URL etc) and write the Title of your website or Post URL. There you will find some platforms, Like where you want to index your websites. Just click on All and hit the trigger. After 1-2 seconds, One pop up will come up with the message of confirmation. Is it so simple, isn’t it? 🙂

ping test

Negative effect of pinging again and again?

I think, I have to give you one example. Then only, You will understand. For example, What will happen if you will ask same question again and again to your teacher. He will give you answer once or twice but third time, He will slap you. Same thing, You can apply here. You can’t play with Ping sites. I recommend you to Ping URL in just 2-3 ping sites.  Don’t submit same URL again again.

Here I am going to share with you Top 20 Ping sites

List of Top 20 free ping sites to rocket up Indexing


Ping SitesDomain AuthorityAlexa Rank

So, I have finished my work, Now it’s your turn. Just submit your website in any 2-3 Ping sites and have enjoy with Ping my URL. Make sure that, be safe from Spam links. Don’t use ping tools always. I already shared everything about negativity. Just do smartly. All the best.


After making websites, You should ping your site in number of search engines. That means when you will get pinging your website then it helps to index as early as possible. You can do this process once in two or three months.

There are some bloggers, Who think that after publishing post we have to ping website, But this is wrong. Do not ping your site again and again. Just do it once or twice in two or three months.

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