IIT Kharagpur Collaborative study paves way for futuristic technology


Futuristic technology

Pioneering research by “IIT Kharagpur” college has opened up possibilities for the improvement of quantum devices. Prof. Sajal Dhara who joined the department of Physics at IIT Kharagpur in 2016, has found harmful mass particles of polarization which might be composed of half-light and half-matter. Prof. Dhara and his contributors at the college of Rochester and ICTS, Bangalore have observed new insights on the mass of such soaking up particles. The information is meant to encourage a massive soar toward futuristic technology development. Mass of such polaritons thus created is lighter than the mass of an electron by a factor of 0.00001, the statement said.

IIT Kharagpur Collaborative study paves way for futuristic technology

Prof Dhara and his collaborators at university of Rochester and ICTS (international Center for Theoretical Sciences) have determined new insights on the mass of such particles with the intention to lead to a massive leap towards futuristic technology improvement, the assertion stated.

The investigation has been highlighted in the honored ‘Nature Physics’ journal in their October 2017 issue. The contributors included in this work are Dr C. Chakraborty, Dr K. M. Goodfellow, Dr L. Qiu, Dr T. A. O’Loughlin, Prof. G. W. Wicks, and Prof. A. N. Vamivakas, all from the University of Rochester and Prof. Subhro Bhattacharjee from ICTS, TIFR.

Elaborating on the studies, the statement said, scientists can artificially create a mixed particle state that is made from half-light and half of-matter, referred to as polaritons. light is an electromagnetic wave however it additionally indicates particle residences with zero mass. however, subjects are made of atoms with a certain mass, the statement said.

Prof. Dhara who is the leading author of the paper endured “up to now BEC has been achieved at ultra-cold temperatures near -273 degree Celsius. one of the most important concerns in this discipline is because of the opportunity of realization of Bose-Einstein Condensation of gasoline fabricated from exciton-polaritons towards room temperature. this may open up possibilities for the improvement of quantum devices. we will now imagine dissipation less polaritonic devices in future that may work at room temperature.”



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