Orkut Came Back With ‘Hello’ Social Network App in India

hello social network app

Orkut Buyukkokten, The founder of Socail network Orkut.com and CEO of Hello Network launched their new app in India called “Hello”. You know that, What is the use of social apps. Just they brings people together around their interest. Approx most of the people have account on Facebook. Now it’s time to Orkut. Orkut is came back with new Hello social network app.

With the help of Hello social network program, You can communicate with others, You can make engagement. Hello makes easy to reach those kind of people with their interest. For example, You are in fashion, So definetly you will make some friends who belongs fashion industry. You can share your ideas and experience with others.

This days, Everyone has smartphone. If we compare this days to earlier days, Then you will find huge different. Today everyone is busy in social sites. Orkut Buyukkokten said,”Passions are often the start of our conversations in real life. Today’s online networks force people to treat each other totally differently from how they would behave face-to-face. Technology should help us become more understanding, more optimistic, kinder and better people. We designed Hello to help you make connections in the real world. It’s a social network built on loves not likes, and I’m delighted to say hello to India once again.”

Around 70-75% Indian users create content and posts weekly on sociaol platforms. We can increase that ratio. The hello social network app is available free on App store and Google play store. But there are some condition, from iOS 9 and KitKat for Android users only can use that app in their smartphone.

The Hello social network app is available in Brazil and reached nearly 1M downloads and you guys know that, Beta version of “Hello” is available in India just for Test purpose from back several months. They have noticed that typical users are spending over 320 minutes eeach month on Hello social app. They pointed something that people are showing interest in some perticular category like sport, Entertainment, technology in India. And most of the people are sharing and engaging with Bollywood Fan, Cricket Fan, Fashion, Fitness, Foodie, Enterpreneur, Music and Techie etc.

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