Google Play Deleted Over 700,000 Bad Apps, 100,000 Developers From Store in 2017

Google play

Google Play Store

Google announced on Tuesday that Google play took action against “bad apps” “malwares” by eliminating apps and developer accounts from the platform. The tech giant claims to have used machine learning to identify bad apps with identifiers like impersonation, inappropriate content, and malware to root out over 700,000 apps and 100,000 developers in 2017. In fact before, 99 percent of apps which have abusive content were identified and disapproved or rejected before anyone could install. that was claim mentioned on Android Developers Blog.

Google play store

Inappropriate Content

There are many developers, who always try to upload inappropriate content in Google play store. Google play does not allow any kind of inappropriate content. pornography, extreme violence, illegal activities, and hate This type contents comes in under inappropriate content. Google claims that it’s advanced machine learning module helps quickly and fast through app submissions and flag or reject them for inappropriate content.


If you are developer then definitely you are thinking like which type of apps has been removed from Google play store in large number of quantity. If you are developer then definetly you are thinking like which type of apps has been removed from Google play store in large number of quantity. Then keep reading continue. Impersonators or ‘copycats’ are the most common red signal for removing apps from Google Play. There were something 250,000 app, which had impersonating big titles. You can include Big bad titles, Confusable Unicode characters or different icons In impersonating.


There were many apps which involved in phishing, fraud and Trojans. Now finally, another red flag for Google is the presence of Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs) that can cause harm to device users. Google’s malware scanning feature – at I/O 2017, the annual PHA installs have apparently gone down by 50 percent year on year, the company said.

“Despite the new and improved detection competencies that led to record-high take downs of bad apps and malicious developers, we understand some still manage to avoid and trick our layers of defense. We take those extraordinarily significantly, and will continue to innovate our abilities to higher stumble on and protect towards abusive apps and the malicious actors in the back of them. we’re devoted to make Google Play the most trusted and secure app store in the global,” said Andrew Ahn, Product manager at Google Play.


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