Free Web Hosting : Why You Should Not Use, Top 14 Reasons

Free web hosting

Why You Should Avoid Free Web hosting

There are many “Free Web Hosting” platforms are available in market. Blogspot and both have free web hosting feature but that are great platform with some limitations. Let’s have a look on limitations, If you create website on Blogspot, or 000webhost there you can’t swim freely. Which means that, There you have to work with some conditions. That makes you bit difficult to rank your site in less time. Get self hosted site is a professional and smart way to create website. You can create website easily on WordPress. Now the question is what you need to do for that, You need domain and WordPress compatible hosting company.

Free Webhosting Problems

I know and I can understand that you don’t need to spend a single penny to host your website in free hosting. But have you ever think like, Why they provide free web hosting services? Let me clear your confusion. BlogSpot and like that platforms provide free hosting because they promote their premium service. Here also I started my first blog on BlogSpot and it was superb experience. In this article I will explain you, Why you should avoid free webhosting services?

1. Unprofessional web address

Let’s start with your websites address (URL). Having good and well maintained website with attractive theme on free hosting, But have you ever think that your URL is looking professional or not. Let me explain you clearly and frankly that whenever you make plan to go with free web hosting site, make sure that you will have to deal with subdomain ( Now, You guys tell me, Is it look professional?

After creating website on free hosting platform with free domain. After some days, If you think to redirect with your own paid domain that time they charged you more than you think. If you are beginner then it’s OK! But you are creating blog for some special reason then never go with free web hosting services.

2. Free Hosted Website can shut down at any time

Free hosting providers can stop your services at any time. As per the terms & policies they will inform you before closing their services. If you don’t know that your free hosting provider is dying then you can loss your data, Even you can’t recover it. So, That is also main problem with free web hosting platforms.

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3. Slow website loading speed

Most of the free website hosting providers use many websites sharing in same server. That makes your website speed very slow. Let’s take an example, You have one website on free hosting platform, You have ranked properly on Google. You are getting organic and social traffic on your website but your server got stuck. Then what you will do? Because single server can’t handle hundreds of websites traffic. According to Google’s new algorithm, Slow websites create bad impression in search engine. Your hard work will flow in water.

4. Information can be sold

Look, Everyone want to make money. If you are using free web hosting platform to run your blog or website, Then you are just product infront of that companies. They can sell your information to make money. Now you guys are thinking, Which kind of information they can sell and Why?

Your e-mail address, Your mobile number, Your personal details etc. Many of companies are there, who need e-mail ids and numbers to promote their brands. So, think about that !

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5. Say No to “WordPress”

There are many free webs hosting providers are available on web. Always remember on thing that you cant install WordPress in that free hosting platform. I think, You know that, Why WordPress is beneficial to rank any website ? If don’t know, Then let me know in comment box. I will make separate article for that.

6. You can’t make money online by advertisements

Don’t think about earn money online by running advertisement on free web hosting platform. They use to run their own ads on your website. Now here we have some smart guys, They are thinking. It’s OK about advertisement but we can use affiliates link. So, you can not use affiliate links too.

You can promote affiliate link on BlogSpot or WordPress but not on all free hosting platforms. You will face many restrictions and limitations.

7. Forget about backups

There is no any process to take regular backup. Even you can’t backup your data from some free web hosting providers. But in case, If you loss to take backup then you can’t restore data. You will not find any option or any process to take backup or restore your data. So, always use genuine we hosting site ( Bluehost ).

8. Can’t perform SEO

If you running website on BlogSpot or WordPress then you can perform SEO but not that much. Once think like, You have created website on free web hosting provide platform. Now it’s time to rank your website. How you will do SEO on page optimization in your website, Which have subdomain. Let’s imagine, You have done little task of SEO on page. Now how you will face link building strategy. How you approch someone to insert your URL (subdomain) in their website. Let’s really difficult.

9. Limited bandwidth and Low disk storage

Free web hosting companies put hundreds of website in one server. Because of that, You face slow website loading issue and many other issues. It makes bad impression in search engine, If you have slow website loading speed. Now let’s talk about bandwidth, For example, You have many followers on social platform or you have ranked your website well in search engine. Now when heavy traffic will come on your website then your website can be crashed. That’s the benefit of low bandwidth Lol ! 😉

Now what you will face, If you have low disk storage. Then you can’t post multiple images or articles on your websites. If You have limited space, Then how can you store lot data?

10. You cannot use your own designs

When you use self hostel WordPress platform, Then you can easily choose best WordPress themes from WordPress. Free web hosting companies only offer cheap  themes. You can’t make changes in that default theme. Now just give me one answer, If your website doesn’t have attractive theme then how users will spend time on your website?

11. No customer service

This free web hosting companies never provide you customer service or any kind of help. You have to fix issues on your own risk. Even you have setup websites with limited support and default design. Have you ever tried paid hosting services. No ! Then you should try to sign up Bluehost.

12. You can’t track website

If you are carrying website on free hosting platform, Then you can’t analyze your websites traffic like visitors, location, bounce rate etc. On paid hosting platform you can use Google Analytics to track your website. You can set your goal on Analytics. Now just think, If you not able to track your website or you can’t set your goal on targeted traffic or targeted customer then what is the use of that free web hosting website. In my opinion, You are just wasting your time and effort.

13. You can’t redirect links

free web hosting companies not allow you to setup redirect. Do you know the benefits of redirection? You can redirect broken links, You can create backlinks on broken links. There are benefits of redirection. This is very important and useful task, If you want to maintain SEO properly. On wordpress, You can install redirection plugin and maintain your broken links.

14. No Google webmaster

Do you know, What is the benefit of Google webmaster ? First let me ask you one thing,

Why you creating website? 

Off course, You are a blogger or you have some business. Right ! Just imagine, After creating website Don’t you want to index your website in Google or other search engine platform. For that you need Google webmaster. In Paid hosting you can index your site in Google webmaster. You analyze your ranked keyword, You can see your backlinks quantity, You can fetch your posts and pages in Google search engine and many more.

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