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The demand for the Digital Marketing Online Resources is increasing rapidly among the students. Corporate giants, MNC’s, Medium-Scale Organizations and even Startups are in the need of these skills for initiating and running their businesses. There are a large number of resources which are available on the internet to teach students all the tactics related to the digital marketing for the students. These colleges and universities as well which provide short term diploma and certificate programs in this course.. There are various online resources available for the students. Some of them are listed below.

Google online marketing challenge

Google online marketing challenge

It provides the students and the professionals a unique opening and an experience to the creation of online marketing campaigns using the Google Adwords. The course is available to the students and more than 110,000 students and professors have participated in this course from more than 100 countries. The students need to register for the challenge by entering all the necessary details and then verifying the link which has been sent to them on the e-mail. This way all the steps have to be followed in order to participate in the online campaign for digital marketing.

Word Stream PPC University

PPC is another free learning university which is a great source for providing free education to the students in the field of digital marketing. It has been developed by Word Stream. Students are taught a series of subjects such as CPC, PPC, CPA, CTR, Text Ads, Long-tail keywords and many more such topics. It is a platform for the beginners as well as the professionals. The flexible framework of the university is which helps the students in learning about the paid searches and the advanced strategies about digital marketing. There are various course modules built for the students to help them understand various concepts of digital marketing.

Social Media Quick star

Social Media Quick star

It is the best platform for the students as it helps the students in learning easily. The step by step instructions on the building up of the social media is very helpful and essential for the students to understand the concepts easily. It is the widely known platform for digital marketing for the students. It teaches the students various things for the social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pineterest, Instagram and so on. The easy methods and the flexible techniques are something which can teach the students all about digital marketing in just a few simple steps. It explains various different ways to interact, develop interest and build trust factor among the clients.

Alison Diploma in E-business


It is a free online course which helps the students as well as the industry persons to attain a specified knowledge and understanding about the implementation and understanding of the online marketing strategies. The course will teach the students to build an effective market plan, improve the website traffic, promoting business online, grater conversion rates and many other things. It is great for the web masters who lack knowledge about online marketing and want to be experts in the field. The students can also learn a lot from this one.

SEO Training course by Moz

Search engine optimization of the websites with the help of internal and external traits is something which will help to improve traffic for the website and will be helpful for the people owning it. Courses are developed in such a way to teach the students the essence of developing better tools and techniques for the same. Moz is the leading developer of software which helps the marketers as well as the students in learning new insights into the topics to improve the online visibility of the websites. This helps in smooth running of the business. There are a number of programmes which are taught in this course such as mapping keywords to the content, strategy development, link building, increasing website traffic, and so on. It is the best for the enthusiasts who want to learn more about search engines and optimization.

Internet marketing for smart people by Copy blogger

It is the online platform which provides simple learning process on the implementation and the effective online strategies for the students. It will help the students in creating profitable online business and websites. It has introduced smart concepts for the students in order to maintain flexibility in the learning process. There are several pillars of online marketing which has been developed for the better understanding of the students. It might include building strong relationships with the customers, copywriting techniques, content marketing, and unique ideas for the product selling and so on. The unique ideas and concepts have been developed for the betterment of the students and to teach them all the tips and tricks for the online digital marketing process.


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