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A well-though and strategic content marketing strategy is a powerful tool for engaging your prospective customers and helping you meet your business goals. Using a strategic approach, the business that make creating and publishing quality and fresh corporate content a regular part of their routine, are the ones that reap the rewards of improved brand perception, increased brand awareness, increased customer acquisition, improved search engine ranking and optimize their marketing costs. Both B2B and B2C content marketing continues to prove itself as a dominant force for increased customer engagement and is a valuable resource for your business for improving branding, generating customer leads, and achieving other marketing goals.

Corporate Content Strategy

Corporate Content Strategy

Corporate content strategy involves continuously creating and distributing valuable and relevant information to a specific target market with the end goal of driving profitable customer actions. By this definition, anything you can think of to create for your existing and prospective customers can essentially be called content marketing. Your content marketing plan and corporate content strategy should include things like blog posts, articles, white papers, videos, info-graphics, podcasts, webinars and many more content pieces. Once you have produced your content, you should distribute it through multiple channels including social media, email, paid advertising, search engine optimization. Content definition is an important element of content marketing. Content marketing is a two-step process. The first step is content creation and the second step in content distribution, and doing both right is essential for the content marketing strategy to work. Instead of hiring expensive in-house resource for formulating and implementing your branded content marketing, you can choose from the best content marketing companies for outsourcing your content marketing endeavor.

B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing

Writing and creating great content for both B2B content marketing and B2C content marketing is part art and part science. The science comes from proper research, using the right tools for your audience and understanding your customers well enough to know what type of content they will get the most value from. The art is in combining all these things to create powerful and effective pieces of content that educate, inform, and entertain. As a successful content marketer, the best way to write great content is to simply start from the basics, create the first set of content, send it out to the marketplace and get feedback for tweaking and editing future content pieces. Over time, your content and business will find resonance with the target group.

Choose quality over quantity

So, just how much advertiser content do you need to produce to get the desired results? The strategy ‘more is better’ certainly applies here, but ‘more’ also takes a lot of time. So, the best thing to do is focus on quality over quantity. Nest, choose one or maybe two channels to focus on for distribution and produce high quality content on those channels on priority. Choose longer and less frequent content over shorter and more frequent content. The reason for this being that people, social media and search engines tend to prefer longer form content which usually provides more value. Make producing this longer form content your first goal. If you’re looking for a general guideline on how often to create and publish new content, once a week is a great strategy to adopt. The most important point is to lock a publishing schedule and then religiously stock to it. Your target audience expects and appreciates consistency.

Just like compound interest, the sooner you start creating content the sooner you will start benefiting from the power of compounding content value. As you become a content creator and build up content over time, you are collating a powerful asset of proprietary knowledge, information, resources, and material, which you can mine and extract from in the future. Once you create content, it’s yours forever, and will keep engaging prospective customers and building business awareness.


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