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What are Local Business Listings?

A local business listing is an online submission about your business. That includes your business name, Address, phone number, business websites and other related details. There are lot of Business listing Sites, Where you can list your business to reach more new customers.

What is local listing in SEO?

A local business listing in SEO is nothing but submit your websites in business listing sites. Let’s take one example that you are running one business in India and now you are thinking to promote it. You can promote it via social media platforms but also you have to submit your business in free business listing sites in India to get or reach new customers in India.

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Where can I list my business online for free?

There are many business directory websites, Where you can easily submit your business along with details like your business name, address, website, phone number, business category etc.

Now let’s have a look on Business Listing Sites 2019


How can I advertise my small business for free?

There are many ways, Where you can advertise your business for free on online. As you can see I have shared Top Business Listing Sites here. You just have have visit them one by one and create business account there with your real details like Business name, Address, Phone number, Website etc.

Now the main question is, What will happen after that?

First of all you will get Dofollow backlink, That will help your website to rank in Google. Second thing you will get new customers with the help of ranking and business listing.

What I am suggesting you, Don’t use business listing sites only to submit your business. There are another many activities, Which you can use to grow your business.

In this era, Everyone is building business but they don’t know how to grow business on online. Because today everyone is active on social media platforms. You should take benefit from that. You have to make yourself creative person, So you can think creative and create content in that way.


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