Brand Storytelling : Definition and Strategy for Amazing Brand Story

Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling Definition

Brand Storytelling is the process of bringing your brand to life by weaving a human story into the brand premise and presenting the brand and product promise in very “non-advertising” format, for effectively engaging existing and potential customers and building salience for triggering the required action. It has been proved that consumers do not buy on facts, They buy on emotions, and stories are a great way of creating an emotional connection of the brand or products premise with consumers.Brand story, or business storytelling, includes everything from a video to all your marketing content collateral to your entire advertising campaign. The best brand story telling examples are those which are simple to understand by a consumer with average intellect and grasping power.

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brand storytelling

Brand Storytelling Strategy

Brand storytelling builds a potential audience of listeners and is truly a business gift that never stops giving. Brand storytelling ensures that consumers look upon the brand favorably and keep it in their minds during their purchase decision or sometimes, if the brand storytelling is powerful, even drive the purchase decision. If you tell a good brand story with the right brand story template and connect with consumers on an emotional level, your brand has a higher chance of occupying the minds of the consumers for a higher recall probability. Whenever you create marketing content collateral, it’s important to clearly focus on the brand story. There are four key elements to any corporate story telling exercise. The first one is. “find your common ground”, i.e. know how you can connect with your audience based on key consumer insights that allow you to drive the brand message in a way that they will resonate with. You should also decipher the problem that your product solves and how you can present this attribute in a simple yet effective manner. Develop a story that works with and ties into your brand and keeps it positive, thus making it an interesting brand story. Consumers love positivity and hope; let these be the true heroes of your brand story. Another important thing to consider is, does your brand story pass the logo test. If you were to create a brand story video and take your logo out, and put a competing brand’s logo in, would the communication still work. If the answer is “yes”, your brand story did not pass the logo test, you failed in creating the brand story and you should go back to the drawing board. A thoughtful, unique and emotional brand story can successfully tie your audience into your brand, unlike any other type of marketing content. If you really focus on your brand story, chances are that you will sooner than later see a visible effect on your sales.

How to tell your Brand Story

So, how can you tell your brand story for engaging and persuading your potential customers? First, you must ask yourself “what are the core values of your brand”, i.e. what does your brand stand for. This introspection is the seed from which your brand story will grow. Then, you must accurately describe and know your audience, i.e. your customers, and what are the key terms they need to hear to connect with you at an emotional level. Remember that your audience thinks visually, so the catchier and engaging the images are, the more likely they will connect better. Images can be infographics, photos, or even sketches. You could also make a short video where your brand makes a subtle presence without overpowering the core human story in the video. Once the brand story unit is ready, you must integrate it with your social media platforms and promote it among your potential customers through demographic and interest-based targeting.This is also called storytelling marketing.The following are examples of best brand stories in 2017: Burger King telling a story about bullying in a remarkable in-store stunt, Vodafone’s The Story of Hello” produced by Ridley Scott and the transgender mother story by P&G’s Vicks. You could also get hold of a good brand story-telling book for some insights on how to tell your brand story. Interactive Realities is a leading brand story-telling and branding agency based in Mumbai, which helps brand simplify their brand and product communication through live action and animated story telling.

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