5 People to notify when moving to a new home

moving to a new home

Moving to a new home is a very exciting experience. Having new surroundings and meeting new people is fun but can also be stressful. But when you are too preoccupied with the moving process, you might forget the one important thing that you have to do before you move: notifying people and institutions about your change of address. This is to ensure that your move is smooth and you won’t encounter any hassles with your mail and subscription accounts. This is one of the most important things that needed to be done but tend to be overlooked all the time.

In case you are wondering, and in case it is your first time to move to a new residence, here are the five people you need to notify when moving to a new home.

1.Family and friends

It is only fitting that you contact your family and close friends first when you are going to change address. Informing them earlier than your relocation date will give you a chance to say goodbye and find ways to keep in touch even if you will be moving away. Also, if you are going to need help, they can help you with the moving process early on.


Just to avoid any issues near the date of your move, it is vital that you inform your employer about your decision to change address. Whether you are leaving the job or not, it would still do you good to let your employer know in advance. And just in case you decide to leave the job, they will be able to have time to look for a new person who can replace your post.

3.Postal Service

You need to make it a priority to inform the United States Postal Service when you move to a new home. This way, you get to avoid any inconveniences and troubles in the future especially when you are constantly receiving mail and packages. A united postal service change of address will only require you to file a request for the change of address at the local post office in your area or at the USPS website.


In order to have a seamless transition with your utilities from your old home to the new one, make sure to inform the service provider in advance about your plans for relocation. Make it a priority to schedule a disconnection on your moving day and have it reconnected to the new house by the time you move in. This should include your electricity provider, water, telephone, Internet, cable, gas services, and other services you have in your current home.

5.Financial institutions

Keep your bank accounts and credit card company updated with your address. In order to keep your finances in order, inform the financial institutions are currently affiliated in about your relocation plans early on or immediately right after you have moved to the new address. In case, you need to have dealings with them immediately, you won’t have any hassles anymore since you have already processed this important step.


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