3 Things You Should Do To Help You Prepare For Graduation

3 Things You Should Do To Help You Prepare For Graduation

Every student looks forward to graduation, after the specified period of the program. It is an overwhelming journey with a lot of workload and unexpected roller coasters. You need to focus on graduation and job hunting now that you are done with urgent assignment deadlines and exams. Graduation can be frustrating if you wait until the last minute to prepare. You need to start early to avoid any inconveniences and disappointments. Here is a short discussion of a few key areas that you need to focus on:

1) Start Sending Your Applications At Career Centers

Career Foundry is a great example that helps to nurture potential employees’ skills to integrate and grow their careers in respective industries. You need to think ahead to take advantage of great opportunities that promise a great future. Do not wait for your academic certificate to be processed to start applying for career enhancing opportunities such as an internship, graduate programs, and other short courses. You can request for signed transcripts and a letter showing that you have completed your program awaiting graduation to get such opportunities.

2) Follow Up On Your Missing Marks

The school system can be faulty, and lecturers can misplace your paper leading to a case of missing marks. It is impossible for you to graduate with missing marks. It shows that you have not yet completed the program. Avoid waiting for the last minute towards graduation to follow up with your lecturers. Some of them get transfers, and you will be forced to re-sit for the paper. Ensure that you have all the marks at the end of every semester to avoid the rush.

It is advisable to have contacts of your professors. They are easy to reach via phone or email if they do not have permanent offices within the institution. You can reach out to them for clearance or any missing mark issue. The project and attachment reports are also crucial. Ensure that you have completed and submitted them on time for your marks to be processed before graduation.

3) School Clearance

It is mandatory for all students to clear with the school before graduation. Technology advancement enables some schools to provide an online clearance platform instead of going to individual offices. It is easier and takes less time than the latter. However, remember that uncertainties such as a slow system or incomplete payments might cause delays.

You are required to clear with every department. In case of any misplacement of a library book or school property damage, a fee is expected from you. Check with the finance offices and every department to ensure that all costs are paid. It is also advisable to keep the receipts of school payments in case you might need to produce them during a misunderstanding. Pay the required amount of damages via the bank and produce the receipt for clearance. You are also expected to pay for a graduation fee, which will cater to your gown costs and other set-ups.


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